The winner of the Sustainable Business Battle 2018 is Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland!

The four students of this team, Evelien Winkel, Ashish Padhi, Elisa van der Lingen and Kevin de Raat, managed to both win the jury prize as well as the audience prize.



We started the evening with an inspirational talk by Joost Wouters about the potential of seaweed. Next, it was time for the five finalist teams to pitch their solution and answer all the critical questions asked by both the jury members and the audience. After a though deliberation for the jury and a few network drinks for the participants and the audience, the winners were announced. The winning solution, a pop-up escape room for students to learn about the water authority and what you, as a citizen, can do to help them mitigate climate change, “made sustainability sexy”, as jury member Sophie Wisbrun explained. We are very curious to see which ideas will be implemented by the companies!



The Sustainable Business Battle (SBB) is a business case challenge in which 10 interdisciplinary teams of students will compete to find the most sustainable, innovative and at the same time implementable solution. Students will be matched with one organization for who they will solve a business case.

The participating students will solve the business case for one of the five big local companies. On the training days, students have several trainings of professional consultants to give them the right tools to develop a sustainable idea that has business potential. During the semi-finals, the companies select the team that solved their sustainability question in the most creative but yet realistic way. The winning teams will pitch again during the finals to convince an independent jury, who will select the final winner of SBB 2018!

An introduction to the companies can be found here.





The detailed programme can be found here.



You will…

…learn about sustainability and sustainable transitions

…develop and test your skills as a consultant

…receive training from strategy consultants and from experts on sustainability

…learn how to pitch

…connect to the companies and institutions (that might be your future employers)

…meet lots of people during our drinks after every event and build a great network