About SBB

This is the first edition of the Sustainabe Business Battle Leiden – The Hague. It was initiated by Leiden University Green Office and Minerva and is a collaboration of all MASCQ student associations and several (sustainability) parties from the region. The SBB is unique with its regional approach: Complex global issues shall be made concrete by translating them to an issue from our own region Leiden – The Hague.

What does SBB look like?

The Sustainable Business Battle (SBB) Leiden – The Hague is a 6-week business case challenge in which up to 10 interdisciplinary teams of students from Leiden and The Hague will compete to find the most sustainable, innovative and yet implementable solution on a core-business related topic.

These questions are real challenges that organisations face. In order to solve the case technical knowledge about sustainability is not needed. We are looking for small scale out-of-the-box solutions for large scale problems.

Students will be assigned to interdisciplinary teams consisting of three to four students. Every team will work on one business case provided by one institution.


Here are the key facts:

30 students will be working in 10 teams and each solve one of the five business cases. Three teams per case will compete against each other during the semi-final. During the final the winning teams from each case will compete to become the overall SBB-2017 winner.


What are the dates?

Are you ready for the challenge?

We are the Sustainable Business Battle (SBB) Leiden – The Hague.


What’s in for you?

You will…

…learn about sustainability and sustainable transitions

…develop and test your skills as a consultant

…receive trainings from strategy consultants and from experts on sustainability

…connect to the companies and institutions (that might be your future employers)

…meet lots of people during our drinks after every event and build a great network

…meet speakers like Marjan Minnesma from Stichting Urgenda




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