Do you think you can advise a company that represents more than 20.000 companies with more than 230.000 employees on the subject of sustainability? One of our cases will be provided by Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), the royal Dutch trade association for the hotel and catering industry. Their goal is to improve the hospitality service and make them future-proof.
We will announce further organisations of which our other cases will come from in the following days. Stay updated via this website or our Facebook page.




On of our cases will be provided by DUWO, the number one specialist in student housing in the Netherlands that supplies over 30.000 students with good and affordable housing. DUWO understands that housing is an essential part of  the student life. Based on their social principles, it is their goal to supply housing for as many Dutch and foreign students as possible.




Renewi, known to most as Vliko is the largest waste processor in Leiden, and collects not only the university’s, but also most waste from student associations. Waste is one of the leading topics in sustainability, in which the questions of how we can efficiently use our valuable waste and

prevent it from ending up in our world is a great challenge. Renewi claims to recycle 97% of their waste, thereby already contributing to this challenge. The question remains how this can be improved. They recently moved to a larger complex in Zoeterwouder where they can handle even more waste!




The Rijnland District Water Control Board ensures clean water and dry feet for 1.3 million people who live, work, travel and enjoy leisure activities here. The area of Rijnland covers 1,100 square kilometres and includes many lakes, rivers, canals, 200 polders and 40km of dunes. To improve living with the water Rijnland has over 50 innovation and sustainability projects. An example is the creation of a biodiversity rich swamp to increase the water buffer capacity of an area.




Leiden University and the Municipality of Leiden will offer a combined case to be solved by students during SBB.

Leiden University is the oldest university from the Netherlands with seven faculties, over 50 departments and an outstanding international reputation. With 2500 staff members and around 25.000 students it is an important institution within Leiden. Together, the municipality and Leiden University, including its LUMC, are the biggest employers in Leiden. In the environmental policy plan (download here) Leiden University states its sustainability goals by 2020.
Also the municipality of Leiden has is active at becoming a more sustainable city. Therefore they have set up the Leiden gaat goed (Leiden is going good) campaign. You can download their environmental policy plan for 2020 here (only in Dutch).