Who can apply?
Anyone who is currently enrolled in a study or has graduated in the last two years in Leiden, The Hague or Delft. Applicants from the Universities and from Universities of Applied Sciences are welcome!


How do I apply?
You can apply here.  When applying, we will ask you to upload your CV and a motivation letter (max 200 words). Applications close April 22nd.


Can I apply in a team?
You can motivate your friends to apply as well but you cannot apply as a team. We want to create interdisciplinary teams with people from different studies. So we will set up a team for you.


I am in no student association, can I still apply?
Yes you can! SBB is for all students from Universities (WO) or Universities of Applied Science (HBO) in Leiden, The Hague and Delft.


Must I be able to speak Dutch?
No you must not. However, we will make sure that at least one person per team speaks fluent Dutch so that when doing desk research you won’t have any disadvantages by not speaking Dutch.


How much time do I need to invest?
You must be able to come to the kickoff event, training days, the semi-final and the final. Note that most events are during the weekends. You can, for instance, meet up/Skype once a week with your team during the battle to make more progress, but that is up to you.


How good must my English be?
You should be able to follow the training and work in your team in English. Note that you might have members in your team that do not speak Dutch. If your English needs some polishing, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!


I have never gained knowledge or experience in sustainability, can I still join?
Yes of course! We will provide you with training and courses, so there is no need to worry.